Use the full potential of LinkedIn to engage new customers

Published: Mar 22, 2022

There are hundreds of different social networks in the world today. But Instagram and Facebook have long been among the most used. However, another very useful platform is often overlooked when creating B2B advertising campaigns - LinkedIn. Come with us to see how you can work it into your marketing strategy and simply use it to attract new customers.

Využijte potenciál LinkedInu naplno a zaujměte nové zákazníky

Employees and employers from all over the world meet on LinkedIn. In total, there are over 740 million registered users and around 55 million companies. When you're looking for a new warehouse worker or strawberry picking temp, you probably won't have much success here. Marketers, IT specialists, lawyers, enthusiastic entrepreneurs or top managers abound. And some of them might just be looking for your product.

Advantages of LinkedIn and how to get most of it

Facebook and Instagram are undoubtedly bigger social networks than LinkedIn. But they're crowded with a huge range of people from all different social groups. Most still come here mainly for entertainment or to communicate with friends and family. LinkedIn, by contrast, has a much more specific user base.

Most people use LinkedIn with clear objectives - to find employers or employees, to learn industry news, to meet inspiring people or to discover new brands and products. You won't find too many teenagers or people looking for funny cat videos.

LinkedIn is mostly used by people who are interested in their work, like to learn new things, often have important positions in companies, or are owners themselves. And that's why LinkedIn is probably the best platform for B2B marketing. So what are the specific tools you can use to reach potential customers here?

Regular content

The first thing you need to do to win some fame on LinkedIn is to create and fill in a profile (while doing that you can follow hints which recommend you what data you should add, so that your profile is the most attractive one). But that is far from enough. To really catch someone’s attention, you need to regularly add interesting and relevant content.

Try sharing some news, videos or infographics with interesting information a couple of times a week. Take inspiration from us. For example, we regularly publish short paragraphs with informative marketing tips and statistics on BlueSystem's LinkedIn. However, in addition to short posts, you can also share more extensive and detailed articles directly on LinkedIn. Try sharing useful knowledge that might be of interest to your potential customers too. You'll see that they will reciprocate.

Various motivational and informative stories are also popular on LinkedIn. Consistency is then especially important when posting. Post regularly (for example every Tuesday and Friday), but don't overdo it, lest you annoy your followers. The ideal frequency is roughly 2-4 posts per week. This approach will not only endear you to your users, but also to the platform's algorithm, which will then display your posts more and higher.

Relevant hashtags

Related to the previous point is another powerful marketing weapon. Hashtags can be used across social networks. When you put the # symbol and a keyword (e.g. #marketing) in a post, people can click through to a page with other posts containing the same hashtag. This allows readers to quickly find content with a topic they're interested in, and in turn, you'll gain new readers - a win-win situation for everyone.

Hashtags are usually used at the end of a post or comment on LinkedIn. However, you can also add them to your profile description. While the user won't be able to get to other profiles through this #, he or she will immediately have a better idea of who you are, what you do, and LinkedIn's algorithm will rank you better, thus recommending you to relevant users.

The # symbol should be followed by a keyword related to your brand and the post. So for example, something like #investing, #finance, #investovani, #bussines, etc. would be a good fit for an image with investment tips. Write individual hashtags without spaces and it's best not to use diacritics for maximum reach.

Tip: For inspiration, you can choose one main keyword, type it in LinkedIn's search box and search the results at the very bottom. This will bring up a list of words and phrases that are frequently searched for by people who are also searching for the term you entered.

Interacting with other users

One thing is to add your own content. But you can also support your brand via communication with other users. Therefore, don’t forget to also follow similar people and companies. React to their posts, share them and most importantly, comment on them. This will get you noticed by readers who don't follow you yet. But if they like your reactions, you can entice them to follow you.

Membership in various thematic groups is also a great way to go. If you don’t know any, again, the easiest way is to search for a key word and find some, which is interesting. Not only can you claim new followers from other groups, but you can also get to know something new yourself. 

Sending newsletters

Recently, LinkedIn introduced a new feature to its social network - newsletters. This is a simple tool that you can use in a similar way to email newsletters, especially to share industry news. All you have to do is write a few short paragraphs once a week about what has happened in the last few days, what your feelings are about it, etc. When you send out the newsletter, all subscribers will receive a notification and your contribution. So start some sort of regular newsletter and invite your followers to subscribe.

You'll get the biggest response by regularly sharing specific and useful information in an easily digestible form. Overly technical and formal content, or a general description of something everyone already knows, is unlikely to be very successful. If you don't know how to conceptualize the newsletter, we recommend finding other authors in the field and try to get inspired.

However, newsletters are only available in author mode for now. You can read about getting access to creating newsletters in the official LinkedIn hint.

We hope that you now have a better idea of the power of LinkedIn and enough knowledge to make a mark here. If you're interested in anything else about marketing, feel free to contact us or visit our blog, where we add new informative posts from the world of online advertising every week.

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