On-line marketing and SEO

We will design an effective marketing campaign for you in the online environment. We follow the latest trends in online marketing, attend summits in the Czech Republic and abroad, subscribe to blogs, listen to podcasts, attend training courses, and most importantly, we are constantly creating. Thanks to this knowledge and numerous experiences, we can design a functional marketing campaign for you in the online environment.

We will discuss your ideas and requirements with you, add our ideas, insights or comments, put it all together and then bring it all to life. Let all your potential customers not only know about you but end up buying happily!

PPC reklamy

PPC advertising

We'll create and set up high-quality pay-per-click ads relevant to all key platforms - from Google to Facebook to YouTube. We clearly define the target category, create a plan, and get to work. We'll tailor the most appropriate advertising channels and promotion methods for you. We'll manage your campaigns to bring you the most value. We'll send you a clear but detailed report every month.

SEO – website optimization and increasing conversions

Internet search engines are a great place to increase traffic without paid advertising. However it is a very competitive environment in which it is not easy to stand out, luckily our team knows how to optimize a website to make it as popular as possible with search engines. We will improve your website's search rankings and bring relevant visitors – potential customers – to your website.

Sociální sítě

Social networks

For social media advertising, you need to set clear short-term and long-term goals. We are happy to help you not only with that, but also with achieving them. If you already have an idea, we will enrich it with our knowledge and put it into practice.

If not, that's okay – we're here to create ideas. We'll come up with something and give you several options to choose from to present your brand exactly how you want it. At all times, you'll have access to all the important statistics and results.

On-line marketing and SEO

Please contact us with any questions. We can advise you and help you with everything else related to digital marketing and creative.

We know that we put our signature on every piece of work and we stand by our commitment to create only interesting, entertaining and professional content for our customers – without any kitsch or long-standing dysfunctional practices. We have a skilled team of creative graphic designers, copywriters, animators and social media specialists involved in all our projects, so your marketing campaign will be in the best hands with us.

BLUE SYSTEM - Creative Digital Agency

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