Can anyone create a website? And is it good to create it yourself?

Published: Mar 15, 2022

There are approximately 1.5 billion websites in the world. This fact makes this a fairly competitive environment in which it is not entirely easy to shine. Of course, in the domestic market this number will be much lower, but even here today you can find websites and e-shops focusing on almost anything. So if you're going to set up your own website that you'd like to impress with, you need to consider whether it's worth embarking on this project on your own or whether it's better to leave it to the professionals.

Dokáže si web vytvořit kdokoliv? A je dobré jej tvořit sám?

Creating your own website has never been easier. Today, you can just pay a small fee for one of thousands of CMS programs, buy your own domain for a few hundred and use pre-made templates and elements to put your website together like Lego. This sounds simple enough, but creating a successful website that can appeal to customers and build a good brand image is a complex task that consists of many parts.

So, if you are wondering whether it is worth trying to create your website on your own or whether it is better to leave this task to more experienced people, we will try to help you by giving you an overview of the whole process of creating a website and everything you need to think about.

The right choice of hosting

One of the first steps in creating a successful website is selecting a quality hosting or server provider to host your site. There are a number of factors to consider when doing this - from the intended system of the website, to its size and data volume, performance, and security. At the same time, every website needs something a little different, so you need to think about this issue individually. An inappropriate choice of hosting can result in a slow loading site, problems setting up and managing the site, or even outages.

Unique but eye-catching (and most importantly, responsive) design:

A common mistake made by those who decide to build their websites themselves is that they throw all sorts of design elements on them randomly as they fancy. While it may look good at the start, it usually doesn't work in practice. When designing a website, every button, every banner, every element needs to be placed in such a way that it has a meaning throughout the interface and the visitor can easily navigate the page.

If you want a truly unique website and the ability to customize it without any limitations, you'll need to use manual programming using the latest technologies (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, etc.). However, these are quite complicated and can take a long time for someone without coding skills to pick up. Moreover, they are all constantly evolving, with which come new and new updates, but also new things to learn. Of course, there are also options to purchase a web template, but here you need to consult someone who is knowledgeable in the subject, because not every template is technically suitable and properly optimized. Many of them also use some builders that can complicate the management of the site over time.

However, creating a beautiful website is only half of design success. The other part is making sure that the look and feel of the site adapts to different devices, especially mobile devices. After all, roughly 54% of all internet traffic flows through them these days, therefore it is highly unwanted for yours to appear blocky and unadaptable on smaller devices. Responsive design is a given for users these days, and Google will almost damn you without it.

Technical solution and support

Finding a specific website on a certain domain is one thing, but the other is its fast loading and seamless functionality. If you are an administrator of your own website and you are not proficient in the website development process, you are taking too much risk. It can take you too long before you find some issue and solve it in case of an outage or any other technical problems.

However, with quality coding, such worries can be at least partially avoided. Moreover, experienced developers think about proper optimization at the very beginning, so that everything on the site loads as fast as possible and the visitor does not have a spoiled user experience due to long loading times.

Engaging texts

Every website contains a lot of letters in addition to audiovisual content. Readable, informative and concise texts can engage the visitor, make them want to find out more about your brand and ultimately take an action (buy, share, etc.). On the other hand, boring and uninteresting writing can rather discourage the reader and thus unnecessarily deprive you of customers. The creation of quality texts is often forgotten. So don't make that mistake.

SEO –⁠ popularity with search engines

Related to the previous point is the process of search engine optimization (SEO for short). This includes defining and using keywords across the website, creating regular content, meta descriptions, optimizing images, ensuring security certificates, etc. Well, it's quite a lot. Almost anyone can certainly handle basic SEO optimization, but few people know that quality SEO, which helps build stable search engine rankings, is a long haul and cannot be done without sophisticated tools and a professional who understands the field. When you put your mind to SEO, search engines will reward you with high rankings in search results - which can bring new visitors to you for free.

Quality content

If you need to attract attention and improve your brand awareness, a static one-page website won't be enough. You'll need to feed it and continue to feed it regularly with quality written and audiovisual content. Whether it's an entertainingly informative video on the homepage, regular interesting articles on certain topics or nice graphics.

Do I need web development experts?

With everything we've covered, it's probably clear to you that developing a successful website, whether it's a blog or an e-shop, isn't easy. If you just want to learn something new and create some basic informational sites to share among friends and acquaintances, you can definitely try to build something on your own.

However, if you are serious about building a website for yourself or your company and want to reach new customers, increase sales and improve brand awareness through it, but have no experience with web development, it would be wise to leave this task to an experienced agency.

The advantages of website-development by agency

There are several advantages to having a website built by an agency. At first, these include saving time. Learning to master all the technologies and skills needed to create a website is a long haul. Even with an agency, you won't have just one person doing the entire site - that's another benefit.

There will be a number of professionals involved in the project, each of whom is a specialist in a certain area that they know perfectly (developer, copywriter, graphic designer, SEO specialist, etc.). To be able to create a great website with everything is almost impossible for one person. So, even if you try to do it on your own, you will probably have to hire external staff to help you with certain tasks in the process. With an agency, however, you'll get a complete website right away, which may even save you money in the end. 

But as we've already hinted above, the biggest advantage of a website from professionals is the unique and eye-catching design and technical support (fast loading, smooth running, easy access for editing or adding posts, etc.).

Developers are having a free space for creation thanks to experience and technology possibilities, and they can design and put into service websites with totally original design and content, which no one else has. At the same time, they think about optimization from the beginning (to make sure everything works as it should), so you won't stress unnecessarily with technical problems.

Bluesystem will be happy to help you create your dream website. If you have any questions about web development or marketing, please feel free to contact us or visit our blog.

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